A Chilly Chunky Dunk

Wearing two jumpers and a tightly pulled on woolly hat,
I wandered slowly along the lone beach, ahead of you.
Looking around, I gasped at the most surprising sight!

Your trousers and sweater lay abandoned,
Crumpled in a forgotten pile on the shore.
Butt naked, except for a pair of old underpants,
You had bounded gleefully into those freezing waters.
In a temporary moment of utter, insane wildness
You had decided to go for a chilly chunky dunk!

You dived headlong, straight into the icy waves.
Bobbed up and down, jumped forwards in a jerk.
Rolled around and frolicked in the choppy seas.
Waving your arms around in utter excitement,
You beckoned me to find the phone in your pocket
To take a photo of you right now – just for the record.

Then drenched from head to toe, you staggered out of the sea.
You had no towel, so you ran frantically around the beach
Shaking that not so trim figure in the bitter, icy winds.
Dripping dry, but still high, you travelled home in the car,
Amused at your “See there is still life in the old dog!” antics.

And dangling precariously on the right-hand side wing mirror,
I spotted those salty, wet underpants, flailing in the wind!