Circle Of Shyness

I am surrounded by a circle of shyness.
A hidden perimeter that moves with me.
Locking me into a habit of reticence.
One that protects and hampers me.
Stopping me recklessly or randomly
Reaching out to connect with others,
And moving beyond its rim.

It masks my need for close friendship.
Shields and mutes a voice inside me.
Covers a wistful, yearning to belong.

For others, bold enough to approach,
It pushes them away with a blush
Or a whisper of adept deflection.
Whilst below this diffident surface
A secret, fierce desire flows,
Seeking to be seen and heard.

Standing in this open clearing,
Warmth and intimacy beckon me.
I wait, intent upon moving closer,
Standing patiently in the stillness.
Knowing that it simply takes one,
Sudden, sharp movement,
One abrupt, crackle of sound
And I will be surrounded.
Captured in familiar isolation.
Thoroughly rooted to the spot,
By my own shyness.