Freedom Bound

My familiar old thoughts
Constrict my options.
The tight unbending laws
Of shoulds, oughts,
And depressing musts.
Classifying the choices
In an over simplification.
Of right and wrong,
Good or bad.

The Ingrained regulations
That I firmly uphold
With the iron arm of duty.

Supposing, just supposing
I could be released,
From the tyranny
Of my habitual thinking.
Where would I head?
I wonder where my courage
Might take me next?

So today, I made my decision.
I slowly opened the door
Of my solid lines of thinking.

Purposely, quite deliberately
I disobeyed the rules
And walked straight out
Of my self-imposed cage.

I stand here now
With so many possibilities
Choices I can make.
Paths I might follow.
Ready to roam the unknown hills.
Finally, freedom bound.