The Other Side Of The Garden Wall

What enchanted world
Calls out to you
Just a few steps away?
If you clamber up
And through this window
What magical journeys
Wait on the other side
Of the wall?

What are the adventures
Your spirited heart
Draws you to?

What character will you play?
Which far way dreamscapes
Will you bravely roam,
On your tiny little feet?

Who is there to welcome you?
Who will climb up
And fly
On the outstretched wings
Of your imagination?
What tales promise you a part
In their unfolding?


A princess lost and found?
A fairy dance or two?
A dragon you defeat?
A swim with singing mermaids?
A lonely giant you befriend?
Or a ride in the clouds
On a mythical white unicorn?


Whatever the stories are
Wherever you go onwards
Return safely.
Sit down with me quietly
And reveal the mysterious secrets
That lie just the other side
Of the wall.